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You Can't Stop Rock 'n' Roll

This is what 2017 has looked like this far for me, not too bad! More to come. I need this occasionally to get my head off work, especially now when it's getting hectic yet again when spring arrives. I love live music so much. :)

Weapon UK - Club Probation

Peter & Bruno - UKK

Twilight Force, Accept & Sabaton - Hovet

Kee Marcello Band - Pure Nightclub

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Joe Lynn Turner - The Sessions

Rick Parfitt ~1948-2016~

Legends Never Die

Kee Marcello Band Live In London

Happy 70th, Freddie!

Kee Marcello - Scaling Up

Sunstorm - Edge Of Tomorrow

Whitesnake Live In Sweden

Stockholm Rocks Summerfest 2016

Rocking All Over Sweden!